Under The Sign of Leo, part I


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Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Pandemonium by The Baphomet during last winter

Egineered by The Baphomet


released April 7, 2017

all songs by Kyryem

"Under the Sign of Leo, part I has proven to be just as difficult to describe as Kyryem‘s debut. It harnesses together many ingredients, including spine-shaking, piston-driven rhythms that often have the pneumatic and pulsing character of industrial, spooky ambient waves, and a broad smorgasbord of vocal stylings, some clean (and at times fanatical and crazed) and some diabolically ferocious.

But as viscerally gripping as the grooves in these songs are, and as surprising as the assortment of vocals and keyboard enhancements, perhaps the true strength of the songs lies in the addictive power of the riffs. There are riff gems salted throughout the album that will get your head moving, guaranteed. And the soloing is classic heavy metal goodness. Catchy melodies, too.

Basically, this album doesn’t pretend to be grim or dramatic — it’s just a lot of good, devilish fun. I have a lot of favorites among its eight tracks, but if you want to just sample one before diving all the way in, I’d suggest “The Hill of the Crooked Cross”."


"... "Under The Sign of Leo, part I" es un ejercicio extenso de metal con diferentes influencias que pasan desde luego por le black y el death pero que sin lugar a dudas tiene también influencias de sonidos industriales y del rock y el thrash más clásico, presentes estés últimos en unos riffs que hacen sus aparición en diferentes momentos y que enriquecen la propuesta. Estamos ante un álbum denso, que se sumerge en lugares próximos a la demencia y a la locura, repleto de buenos momentos, lleno de intensidad y que sin lugar a dudas no dejará indiferente al oyente. Como comentaba antes las influencias son variadas y bien plasmadas, sin lugar a dudas la base es death-black con algo de industrial, pero también es cierto que la atmósfera y los arreglos nos arrastran a sonidos más rock, no ya sólo en el apartado instrumental, muy presente en cuanto a riffs, sino que en el apartado vocal también asistimos a variedad de registros que varían entre la intensidad en ciertos apartadas a otros más emotivos. Estamos sin lugar a dudas ante una obra complicada de encuadrar bajo sólo una etiqueta, que sorprende en cuanto a variedad de registros y que se antoja casi que necesaria."


It’s hard for me to pick just one reason why Kyryem’s ‘Under the Sign of the Leo, Part 1’ got so much love from me this month — mostly because there’s a veritable feast of genres to choose from. An ever-present blackness adds equal parts atmosphere and aggression, but the thrash elements do that too. Liberal use of keyboards lend the album an industrial angle, while the varied vocal styles give cause to wonder whether there’s room for both Alice in Chains and Rotting Christ in their pool of influences. I guess the big takeaway is just how much overall fun this album is. With some of the most infectious riffs you’re likely to hear this year, Kyryem isn’t beholden to any one genre, and as long as you aren’t either, you might like ’em a hell of a lot. ~

Eric Seal (tometal.com/april-2017-highlights-staff/)

Stop the fucking presses! Holy shit! This is some brilliant, progressive blackened death metal -or whatever the fuck you wanna call this. Whatever you do call it, it's fucking epic! This is the new album "Under the Sign of Leo, Part I" from Spain's Kyryem. I have like 200 "all time" favorite albums, bands and so forth and this ranks up there with them. Please check this out if you dig progressive, yet focused metal with an extreme edge that will keep your attention .

Joe (www.facebook.com/KeepTheMetalFlowing/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf)


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Follow the signs of the Black Order, deny your false gods, cleanse your soul from sin and wait for the coming of the Great Architect, close to his throne at the Hill of the Crooked Cross.

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